BEAUTY HACKS - Temporary Fixes Until You Can Afford the Permanent Solution

Fake it until you can afford it!  Sometimes a temporary fix does the job just right. Over the years several beauty hacks and quick fixes have been lifesavers to women who want a certain look but are either afraid of going under the knife of can't afford to do so. From creating the illusion of a small waist with a waist trainer to lifting our breast with duct tape, women have done it all!
Waist Trainers 
Going back in Medieval times, the corset was used to cinch the waist and lift the bust of females. A smaller waist earned all the attractive points. Brought back in 21st century, now as a "waist trainer", as the go to fix to hide bulging stomachs, wide waists, and camouflaging rolls. It's widely advertised on social media as the thing to have and regardless of the discomfort, waist trainers are one of today's the biggest selling beauty hacks.
Make up has been another quick fix that we have been using for decades. The trend of using concealer to hide blemishes and discolorations, foundation to perceive an even skin tone, and highlighting and contouring to change the facial features to a more edgy, sculpted look, make up has turned the ugliest ducks into the most beautiful swans. It hides all the imperfections and brings out the best in women. So, pull out your laptops, grab a mirror, your makeup bag, and hit YouTube for all the latest makeup trends and techniques.
Tape is Your Friend A few years back Kim Kardashian taught us how to get an instant breast lift in a plunging cleavage dress. It was with the simply using duck tape placing one end below the nipple pulling in an upward direction and placing the other end firmly over the shoulder. The video was viewed by millions of people on YouTube and became everyone’s “run to solution”.
These are only a few of the temporary fixes that females do on a daily basis. We all want to look and be our best self so we will bare the discomfort and go the extra mile. Beauty will forever be trending so hacks will always be invented and creative ideas will always be shared through social media and like minded individuals.

-Stay Conceited

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